VA.RE.L has more than ten years’ experience in the professional assembly of boards and systems, with a production department employing specialised personnel and avant-garde technology.

Our production lines are organised in such a way as to ensure the best process for every Customer request: from prototype production to a limited series or large quantities.

Since we are equipped with a SMD assemblage line as well as an automatic insertion machine and a full-wave welding machine, we are able to support any kind of production requirement.

Consolidated, tried and tested abilities in securing materials, with the aid of Italian and foreign suppliers, means that we can offer the Customer turnkey solutions, thus optimising time to market, and at truly competitive costs. Furthermore we guarantee a window always open on where to find supplies, on the cost trend of electronic components and on the existence of second-sources.

The final goal is an absolutely efficient production process, respecting time schedules.

The final goal consists of assembly and testing with the guarantee of total quality.

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