In-depth know-how means the development, engineering and industrialisation of customised solutions.
Our experience and versatility permit us to work in the most varied user fields. To give a few examples, we have been operating for years in the following sectors: nautical, industrial automation, automotive, lighting engineering, zootechnics, agriculture, electro-medical, power electronics and .......
From the phase of defining the technical specifications to delivery of the product, VA.RE.L works in close partnership with the Customer, offering the most innovative technological solutions at the best price.
Master engineers with years of experience in the different product application typologies are at your disposal for layout creation.
The micro-controller firmware is created by our design team, thus guaranteeing complete assistance for each product. Due to our considerable experience, in particular in the use of Microchip micro-controllers, we are part of the Microchip Consultants Programme.
Any management and/or diagnostic software of our systems is also developed in-house, which means an across the board solution in the shortest time.

VA.RE.L never loses contact with the Customer, proposing - even for completed projects - a reengineering aimed at qualitative improvement and/or the cost reduction of already consolidated products.
At VA.RE.L, competence and specific knowledge of each individual product and testing process are the Customer’s guarantee of assistance that is always efficient in resolving matters in time of need.
Dynamism of design and product reliability have resulted in today’s production being almost totally designed in-house.
Great care is taken over conformity with standards: right from the start of the project our choices are aimed at total observation of the standards in force regarding electromagnetic compatibility and product safety.
The final objective is a product of absolute quality at the best price, which is to say a fully satisfied Customer.

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