rxfm12 01

Series kit consisting of:

  • Receiver
  • Transmitter series TR12RFMC


  • System conforming with European Directive 99/5/EC
  • Excellent communication reliability with 39 bit digital technology
  • Immune to radio-electrical disturbances and electromagnetic pollution
  • Receiver with IP67 protection
  • Cabling (customised on request) means easy fast installation

The system can communicate with a management and control palm using specific software that permits setup of the numerous parameters and checkup of the whole system in the case of anomalies.


rxfm12 02


  • Microcontroller-based control
  • Receiver FM/FSK superHeterodina 433.92 Mhz (European standards I-ETS 300 220)
  • Up to 48 outputs for piloting low tension apparatuses (12/24V)
  • Board protected with epoxy resin
  • Maximum load per output: 10A
  • Automatic encoding of transmitters


rxfm12 03

Transmitter series TR12RFMC - PLL:

  • transmission: FSK
  • wide range with extremely low consumption
  • supply: standard 9V battery
  • shockproof ABS case and membrane keyboard
  • up to 48 functions plus rapid stop
  • backlighting with EL lamp for use in conditions of poor lighting




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