Ultra-compact and high performing

  • Compact receiving unit: only 77x80x31mm 
  • Supply 12-24 Vdc
  • High-performing digital transceiver
  • up to 8 outputs open collector
  • System fully protected through epoxy resin
  • Easy connections by pre-cabled multipolar cable


HS12XL DualSpeed
the remote control for dual speed

  • Remote control in shock-resistant case for advanced systems
  • 12 buttons conceived to manage dual speed
  • Highly ergonomic, even for the use with gloves
  • Rechargeable battery


Strong and versatile for 360° applications

  • Extremely compact pre-cabled accelerometer with 3 axes: only 77x80x31mm
  • CAN-BUS communication system
  • Resolution: 0.1°
  • System fully protected through epoxy resin


I/O for any need

  • MULTI-8 Touch
  • Display LCD 128x64 px touchscreen
  • CAN-BUS communication
  • Customizable graphics and great flexibility



  • Compact device for the managing of 8 inputs and 8 outputs through CAN-BUS
  • Only 10x8x2.3 cm!
  • Electronic board is fully protected through epoxy resin
  • pull-out terminal boards for a quick and easy connection



  • Input-output board with CAN-BUS communication on board
  • Up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs in solid state, with max. 5A each (continuous use)
  • ON-OFF oR PWM outputs
  • Cabling is customizable upon request in IP67 case


Colour LCD 4,3” microcomputer

  • High performing system, equipped with touchscreen colour LCD display. Resolution 480x272 px.
  • Graphics and functions are customizable upon request
  • Powerful DSP controller for processing
  • Its compact and linear plastic case can be easily adapted to any work environment
  • Interfacing with other devices through CAN-BUS or Transceiver RF
  • USB connection for data saving on external memory
  • Clock, calendar and 3-axe accelerometer on board
  • 2 Mbyte internal memory to manage images and system graphics

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