We have been working in the nautical sector for many years; thus we are able to provide control systems dedicated to electric equipments for any kind of requirement. Thanks to the possibility of carrying out controls both from local and from remote (via radio or IR), our systems are versatile and really easy to use. Their operational functions can be customised, and the external design is carefully conceived to develop products satisfying any kind of customers’ needs.


A considerable experience in the field of industrial automation allows our staff to develop and offer systems suitable for any kind of application: from the realisation of interfaces for sensors to the control of complete lines. Among the systems studied and developed by VA.RE.L in the industrial field, particularly interesting projects concern the high tension galvanic treatment and the corona discharge treatment for plastic.


The majority of our radio controls are produced for the automotive field; for this reason, we can count on a wide knowledge of the problems and solutions typical of this sector. We can provide customised cabling systems, as well as controls for ON/OFF and PWM electrovalves: and these are just some of the peculiarities of the VA.RE.L products.


Thanks to their experience and know-how, the VA.RE.L staff can suggest and provide electronic solutions in many other fields, such as electro-medical, power, RF broadcasting, control systems for earth movers, electronics for zootechnics, etc...
Do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of inquiry: our technical staff keeps at your disposal to help you choosing the system meeting your requirements in the best way.

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